Sammy – The Flying Purple Baby Elephant

(Remembering the Old Ways of the Elephant)

by Robert L. O’Neill

About the book

Bringing Back the Art of Authentic Connection

There is an epidemic in our culture: an excessive use of smartphones. It distracts us from living fully in the moment and connecting with each other in a deep and meaningful way.

Sammy – The Flying Purple Baby Elephant helps children and adults alike to remember the joy of genuine connection with another being. And it does it with a lot of heart and humor.

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Book Preview

Sammy the flying purple baby elephant is sad that his Mommy and Daddy are on their smartphones all day long. He knows smartphones have lots and lots of good things about them, but why do they have to be on them all day long?

Sammy is determined to find a way to get his parents off their smartphones and back to remembering the old ways of the elephant. Will he succeed?

Meet the author/illustrator

Robert L. O’Neill

Robert L. O’Neill is an artist, children’s book author, poet, playwright, actor and a chef.

He was inspired to write the book having realized that his own excessive use of his smartphone was hindering his creative expression as an artist.

Supporting the Elephants

Robert L. O’Neill was so touched by a documentary film, Love and Bananas: An Elephant love story, that he made a commitment to give 10% of profits to Save Elephant Foundation from all online book sales of his newly published children’s book.

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What’s in the works

Upcoming Books

Robert L. O’Neill is currently working on his first book of poems and another book of Sammy’s adventures.

Robert L. O'Neill