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Sammy – The Flying Purple Baby Elephant

(Remembering the Old Ways of the Elephant)

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What people are saying…

“A Delightful & Informative Book”

What a great idea to have a book for children to teach them how to stay off their cell phones — or to remind their parents what’s really important. It was a very pleasant read — I have two grandchildren so I’m always looking for books for them. I would certainly recommend it. Children will enjoy it and it may make a difference when they’re old enough to want a phone. It’s also a warning to parents.

Linda Joyce Stolow – Astrologer and Author of “The Day You Were Born”

“When the Student Becomes the Teacher”

With a little old-school wisdom from his grandfather, Sammy, a sweet, innocent, yet sad and confused purple baby elephant teaches his parents that the old ways are still the best ways. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”

Carl Stillitano – Playwright / life coach

“This book is very relevant to our day to day lives today for both adults and kids alike.”

I loved the colorful and very friendly pictures. They are very inviting to look at. I love the concept that the author so beautiful delivered, “Relationships are much more important then gadgets.” I also really enjoyed how elegantly and elephantly:) the author was able to deliver the message in such a simple manner. A great read for any child growing up in this day and age.

Margarita Gendelman – Child Therapist


Beautiful art and a very important message! Buy it for your kids, and have them read it to you. We adults are the ones who need to hear it…

David Rosenthal –

“Read & Discuss!”

Not only does this wonderful story written & illustrated by the talented artist, Robert O’Neill, cue the readers’ thoughts into a social commentary, what is perhaps equally important – it also transforms and opens our imaginations unto a dazzling world! I look forward to more work from Robert! Read, share, enjoy & reflect with your children, grandchildren, students, etc!

Aaron Zomback – Filmmaker

Robert L. O'Neill